Bryden pi Merchandiser Vacancy

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      Bryden pi Merchandiser Vacancy

      Bryden pi Merchandiser Vacancy.

      Bryden pi Merchandiser Vacancy

      Major Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

      • Visit assigned outlets to pack and replenish Bryden pi products according to planogram and route listing.
      • Maintain the Company’s products and brands in the best location so as to ensure visibility, consumer traffic flow, and convenience
      • Rotate stock regularly in warehouses and shelves so as to ensure products expiration issues are minimized or eliminated
      • Submit Request for Credit slips to the Sales Representative/Merchandising Manager/Supervisor within two (2) days of receipt from the customer
      • Use and secure POP material effectively and efficiently visible to the public.
      • Good housekeeping so as to ensure the selling spaces for products are clean and tidy; this includes re-papering shelves with corresponding brand shelf paper
      • Report stock outs to Supervisor and Sales Representative and follow up on orders
      • Ensure correct retail pricing on the shelves
      • Assist the Sales Representative as necessary in terms of placing supplementary orders, ensuring expiring goods are noted and liquidated
      • Support the promotion of the Company’s brands through continuous updating of product knowledge

      Knowledge, Experience & Requirements:

      • A minimum of three (3) CXC passes, including Mathematics and English
      • A minimum of two (2) years’ experience in merchandising
      • Full access to a good working vehicle will be an asset

      Key Competencies:

      • Good interpersonal and communication skills
      • Good organizational skills
      • Good negotiating skills
      • Must be flexible, honest and reliable

      Bryden pi Ltd.

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