Bilingual Call Center Agent (Spanish & English)

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      Bilingual Call Center Agent

      Bilingual Call Center Agent  (SPANISH & ENGLISH)


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      Must demonstrate excellent voice quality, inflection and present a professional, courteous, patient demeanor. The ability to maintain a confident, friendly and helpful conversation in Spanish while documenting on the system in English.


      Bilingual Call Center Agent Positions


      You’ve got energy, enthusiasm, drive and determination. We’ve got competitive compensation, great benefits, flexible schedules, and a career path that rewards performance with growth and opportunity.

      Responsibilities include:

      · Must demonstrate excellent voice quality, inflection and present a professional, courteous, patient demeanor. The ability to maintain a confident, friendly and helpful tone in conversation.

      · Demonstrate excellent communication and customer service skills. Taking ownership in assisting, researching, educating and resolving customer issues.

      · Solutions Oriented, supporting one-call-resolution. Able to use tools, knowledge, skills and resources to effectively research, provide complete and accurate information with a goal of resolving the customer’s reason for calling.

      · Able to understand and implement new information and procedures efficiently and professionally

      · Able to understand detailed policies, process steps and procedures. Able to explain information in a manner which is easily understood.

      ¬∑ Excellent computer navigation and data entry skills ‚Äď Agents will utilize multiple systems to access customer information, research issues, educate and solve the customer‚Äôs reason from calling.

      ¬∑ Ability to multi-task efficiently ‚Äď Able to navigate system and seamlessly converse in a friendly tone.

      · Able to de-escalate and handle difficult Customers situations.

      · Will handle and hold secure confidential and sensitive customer information

      · Open to coaching and feedback focused on call efficiency and continuous improvement in providing an exceptional customer experience.

      · Goal oriented Рcan work in a team environment to meet individual and team Customer Service quality and call handling goals.

      · Must be able to work on shift and have excellent verbal and written skills in Spanish and English.




      Bilingual Call Center Agent Qualifications/ Experience/ Requirements


      · Minimum High school graduate or equivalent, completed CXC / CAPE Minimum English and 2 other Business Subjects.

      · Minimum 6 months of Contact Center or other Customer Service experience

      · Excellent computer & web navigation skills

      · Accurate data input skills Рmust work with multiple systems to research, provide basic troubleshooting and resolve customer issues.

      · Accuracy and timeliness in entering and confirming information РType min 25 WPM


      Bilingual Call Center Agent Personality


      ¬∑ Excellent communication skills ‚Äď easy to understand ‚Äď confident & friendly tone

      · Handle sensitive and confidential Customer information appropriately

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