The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

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      Best Cryptocurrency

      The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

      Table of content:

      • Which cryptocurrencies showed the best growth statistics in 2017
      • Forecast for investments in 2018
      • What is the best currency for trading?
      • Conclusion

      Before we tell about the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 let’s look at the best cryptocurrencies of 2017, which have grown strongly in price over the past eleven months. Since the cryptocurrency is distinguished by high volatility, their rate can change significantly even during the day, therefore the figures given below may differ from the current ones.

      Which Cryptocurrencies showed the best growth statistics in 2018

      • Bitcoin (BTC)
        At the beginning of the year it cost about $ 1000, in November, crossed the psychological barrier of $ 10,000 and reached the mark of 11,000. The rate increased 11-fold, and in absolute terms went up by $ 10,000.
      • Bitcoin Cache (MTC or BCC)
        It is the most famous fork, which appeared on August 1, 2017. All who had bitcoins at the time of the fork automatically received the same amount of bitcoin cache. For 4 months of its existence, bitcoin cache has added about $ 1000 in price and is now estimated at about $ 1,350.
      • Ethereum (ETH)
        At the beginning of the year cost about $ 10, is now estimated at $ 425. Thus, the rate increased 42 times, 1 ETN went up by 415 dollars.
      • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
        This coin is a fork of the Ethereum, which at the beginning of the year cost 1.2 dollars, is now estimated at about 25-27 dollars. For the year the rate has increased approximately 20 times.
      • Lightweight (LTS)
        At the beginning of the year it was $ 4, at the end – $ 85. The rate has grown approximately 24 times or 80 dollars.
      • Dash (DASH)
        At the beginning of the year cost about $ 15, on December 1 it costs $ 780. Growth is more than 50 times, or $ 765 per 1 token.
      • Monero (XMR)
        In January it cost about 13 dollars, now – 180 dollars for 1 coin. The price has grown approximately 14 times.
      • ZCash (ZEC)
        At the beginning of the year it cost about $ 40, now – about $ 300. Growth was by 260 dollars, or 7.5 times.
      • Neo (NEO)
        This young cryptocurrency appeared in the summer of 2017. Then its rate was $ 7, now – $ 35 (growth of 5 times in 5 months).

      Over the first 11 months of 2017, almost all major cryptocurrencies have grown tens of times. And this once again points to high chances of earning money in this area.

      Forecast for investments in 2019

      The course is influenced by a number of factors, which can be difficult to predict. Such actions include:

      1) The actions of different countries Governments (for example, the legalization of the cryptocurrency, its recognition as a means of payment, or the prohibition of ICO).
      2) Significant changes in financial markets (for example, the expected launch of bitcoin futures) and statements by officials, well-known financiers or major market players.
      3) Speculative operations with cryptocurrency and any other challenges that can dramatically change the demand for bitcoin in one direction or another.

      Therefore, no analyst can accurately predict the course change in the long term – there are too many unpredictable factors that can change the course in one direction or another, and any forecast has a large degree of error. Nevertheless, experts predict the further growth of bitcoin and other digital coins. This is facilitated by:

      Distribution of the detachment. This technology is increasingly being introduced into our lives – in the medical, financial, banking and other spheres. A blockchain is the basis of any cryptocurrency.
      Increase the level of public confidence. The more people invest in bitcoin, the higher its rate is. Since bitcoin is completely decentralized, nobody is controlled and provided with nothing, its “assurance” can be considered the trust of people who “vote” for crypto USD, EUR, RUB, etc.

      Use bitcoin in countries where there are problems with the national currency. For example, in Zimbabwe in the fall of 2017, bitcoin was bought (and in high demand) at a rate of $ 13,000, while the official rate in the world was well below $ 10,000.
      In the conditions of the collapse of the financial system, the state of the bitcoins became the only alternative, allowing the population to save money. In Venezuela, interest in bitcoin is associated with hyperinflation. Since cash payments in the country are difficult (people would have to carry bags of money with them).

      According to various forecasts, in 2018, bitcoin can grow to 15,000 or even 25,000 dollars. Well-known financial analyst Tommy Lee (brother of the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee) considers the price of $ 25,000 “conservative” for bitcoin. According to his calculations, this price can be considered fair, when investors will keep 5% of their savings in the cryptocurrency. If this figure is higher, the rate can reach 100,000 and 200,000 dollars. It is unlikely that this will happen in 2018, but within the next 5-10 years – it is quite possible. And the growth of bitcoin “pulls” along with all the other coins from the “top ten”.

      While calculating the rate of digital coins, do not forget about high volatility – at some point tokens (especially bitcoins) can take off, and in some – lose 10-15% of the day’s price and even more, so calculate some “average “The course is not easy. In addition, bitcoin grew very active in the autumn of 2017, often adding 1,000 dollars a week – after that, a slight stagnation or recession is possible.

      At least can BTC remain the most reliable cryptocurrency to invest in 2018? So buying Bitcoin now in the hope of profitable reselling it in a couple of months is quite risky – during this time the rate may grow, and may remain at the same level or even fall. It is better to consider investing in the cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. Most likely, in 2018 the cryptocurrencies will cease to be completely uncontrollable – most of the states have seriously thought about regulating this market and are preparing the relevant laws. “Legalization” of bitcoins, on the one hand, should help bitcoin to increase in price. On the other hand after that, the volatility of the cryptocurrency may become slightly lower.

      Investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017-2018, it is better to diversify its investments and form a portfolio that will consist of 50-60% of bitcoins and air, 20-30% from other coins belonging to blue chips (Ripple, Litecoin, Neo, Dash, etc.) and by 10-15% – from risky investor “promising coins”.

      What is the best currency for trading?

      Another popular way of earning on the cryptocurrency is trading on the crypto exchange. As on any exchange, the trader’s earnings (or loss) are determined by the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. Cryptocurrency is traded in pairs on the exchange. On some exchanges (for example, EXMO) you can trade BTC / USD, on some – only in pairs of Crypto-currency. In 2017, a pair of VTS / ZEC was popular at the auction, but as the situation on the market changes rapidly, it is necessary to look for a suitable pair at the current time.

      It is also important to remember that beginners never linger in traders. Even if they manage to get a plus in the first days of trading, sooner or later they lose their money. Playing on the stock exchange is not a tape measure, but painstaking jobs that can regularly bring a great income to a trader, but only if you approach the matter professionally. Investing in digital coins can bring very significant benefits. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have grown much faster than other financial markets, so more people prefer to invest their savings in digital gold.

      If you want to earn on the cryptocurrency, diversify your investments and regularly monitor the changing of the token rate, so that if necessary change the composition of your cryptocurrency portfolio. Do not rush to sell tokens if the price suddenly goes down. Digital coins are long-term investments, and in a few years the value of your portfolio can surprise you.


      So far, we told you about some of the most famous, reliable and best cryptocurrency to invest 2018. But the situation is changing every hour so the exact answer to the question of what kind of currency is better to trade does not exist. All depends on your intuition and fortune. And now it’s only your turn to decide how you will earn the money!

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