Bermudez FREE Basic Trade Skills Programme

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      Burmudez FREE Basic Trade Skills Programme

      Bermudez Life Skills & Basic Trade Skills Programme

      Cost: FREE Classes start June 1st, 2019

      Course duration: 8 weeks

      A certificate will be awarded upon completion

      Courses covered

      • Masonry
      • Tiling
      • Carpentry

      Classes will be held at Grace Communion Mootoo lands, Arima

      For registration and more information please call 752-9976 or 335-0936

      Equip yourself with productive skills that will last a lifetime

      About Bermudez

      The Business

      With focus on improvement in technology, the company now bakes more than 40 different types of biscuits in a modern automated factory and is home to iconic brands such as Crix, Dixee, Wheat Crisps and Rough Tops.

      Bermudez products are available in 13 markets of the Caribbean as well as North America (USA & Canada).

      Focus on Quality

      The Bermudez Biscuit Company prides itself on being able to provide the freshest product to consumers and is focused on maintaining the excellent quality for which the brands have become known. The company believes deeply in taking care of its customers as well as its employees, and continues to make the best biscuits and moments.

      Bermudez Internships

      Bermudez Biscuit Company offers full-time internships to qualified candidates who want to gain valuable work experience while completing their degrees. Job assignments and responsibilities can be rotated or specific to your specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Engineering, or Quality Control/Quality Assurance. The programme provides challenging projects and an opportunity to learn from professionals in the business while gaining hands on experience and practical knowledge.


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