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      Amalgamated Security Services Limited, Security Officer Description

      Security Officer


      Amalgamated Security Services Limited

      Security Officer 


      Duties include (but are not limited to):       

      • Patrol location property and grounds.
      • Open gate to allow for entrance or exit of employees, truckers and other authorized visitors.
      • Control incoming traffic – Personnel and vehicular – through inspection of credentials or approved roster before admission to the location.
      • Inspect outgoing traffic and performs searches on departing personnel and requests permits from employees for tools or material taken from the premises to guard against theft and unauthorized removal of company property or products.
      • Warn violators of rule infractions such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles, and apprehends or expels persons engaging in suspicious or criminal acts.
      • Record data such as property damage, unusual occurrences, and malfunctioning of machinery or equipment for use of supervisory staff.
      • Supervise use of time clocks for recording arrival and departure of employees.
      • Answer telephone and transfers calls when switchboard is closed.
      • Regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic at location entrance and directs visitors and vehicle owners to various parts of the grounds or buildings to maintain orderly flow.
      • Examine doors, window and gates to determine that they are secure and warn violators of rule infractions such as loitering, smoking or carrying forbidden articles.
      • Watch for and report irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes and security doors unlocked.
      • Maintain and improve effective communications with customers, security officers and managerial staff.


      GCE/CXC O’ Levels



      Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has been in operation since 1983. The Company was born out of the need and desire to provide Personnel and Asset protection to the National Community in both the Public and Private sectors. Over the years the company has grown to be the largest single provider of a wide range of Security related services, in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean at large. The strength of our company lies with our people and their commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Our professionally trained teams of officers are devoted to ensuring that life and property are satisfactorily protected. Efficient, professional and reliable security services are the core values of our service provision.

      ASSL comprises of over 2500 employees with offices spread throughout Trinidad and Tobago. As our customer base has expanded over the years, we have maintained state-of-the-art security equipment offerings and superior customer service, which has made us number one. We pride ourselves on our portfolio which includes many standard and specialized services such as our state of the art Electronic and alarms division with our central monitoring station serving Governments, public and the private sector. Our range of services also includes Prisoner Transportation throughout Trinidad relative to the Ministry of National Security, our own Ambulance services, Cash management Services, Executive body guard services and many more, which makes us highly recommended and highly sought after.

      ASSL currently operates Amalgamated Security Services Limited Barbados, with the aim of expanding throughout the Caribbean over the upcoming years. We have also sold our expertise throughout other Caribbean islands, being the only private firm to successful take charge of HER MAJESTY’s prison in Antigua and Barbuda, and to provide full support to clients in Grenada at their time of difficulty after Hurricane Ivan in 2005. Other islands include St Vincent, St Lucia, and Guyana.

      We operate along well-defined quality systems and are guided by the Supplemental Police Act Chapter 15:02 – Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. This permits for our Organizational Structure and Chain of Command to be geared towards directing and controlling operations along the desired path. We are recognized by the Ministry of National Security as a Protective Agency and are approved to conduct training in First-Aid and Defensive driving by the National Safety Council of the USA. We are a licensed firearm dealer and a recognized firearm training institution approved by the Commissioner of Police in Trinidad and Tobago.

      All our processes are home grown and we maintain and develop our own software products for use within the industry and as it applies to the everyday management of our resources. We operate a drug free environment, and all our employees undergo a screening process with a detailed background check before they can be hired.

      The strength of our company lies with our people and their commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. We encourage and support innovation and calculated risk taking, through leadership and performance management. Our people are developed to the best of their capabilities, and those who work with us find fulfillment and are proud to be part of the Amalgamated Family, Our most valued asset.

      Our values are: CUSTOMER SERVICES – Our clients are the reason we exist, through a partnership with quality conscious clients, we guarantee complete satisfaction with our products and services, our commitment to quality is reflected in our concern and response to customer needs.

      EMPLOYEES – Our employees are the backbone of the company and upon which our performance is ultimately measured. Our success is as a direct result of the performance and professional growth demonstrated by our employees which allows us to maintain a commitment to excellence to all our customers. We are committed to employee development, wellbeing and growth. Winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award– Services, Retail & Distribution

      Amalgamated Security for Total Protection!


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