Budget 2020 Trinidad and Tobago

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      Budget 2020 Trinidad and Tobago

      2020 Budget


      Fear that criminals continue to plague our streets without fear of being arrested convicted and perhaps punished accordingly they want that security for themselves and their families Then you have perhaps 20 – 550000 people who looking for job security. We’re looking for opportunities to provide for their families People have different interests.




      10 years for Sweet TnT Magazine 2009-2019


      The team at Sweet TnT Magazine says thanks to readers, contributors, fans, followers, subscribers, advertisers and customers for support given for 10 years from 2009-2019. The anniversary is commemorated by two publications, Sweet TnT 100 …Read more>>> https://sweettntmagazine.com/10-years-sweet-tnt-magazine-2009-2019/ 

      You’re watching live coverage of Budget… – CCN TV6: Trinidad and Tobago

      You’re watching live coverage of Budget 2020 on TV6. Thanks for joining us.

      Jobs in Trinidad and Tobago – Sweet TnT Magazine

      Jobs and vacant positions can be posted here for the whole world to see for free. Have a skill, product or service you would like to offer post it here.

      TT Budget 2020: Post Panel Discussion: Monday October 7th 2019

      TT Budget 2020: Post Panel Discussion:

      ‘Moore’s Music’ brings good family vibes – Sweet TnT Magazine

      Text the CODE YGTTM2 to 1-868-716-7041 before October 11 to vote for Candice of Moore’s Music The Band in the National Youth Cultural and the Arts Awards 2019… A live music band usually adds a touch of class to any event but a live family music band will bring vibes that no ordinary band can.

      Natural hair craze here to stay – Sweet TnT Magazine

      Women and men are wearing their natural hair of all textures proudly all over the world. This is not a fad like in the 70s when the natural afro hairstyle was a big hit among people of all races that phased out by the eighties.


      Nail care tips for tidy men, women – Sweet TnT Magazine

      You point and wave your fingernails in people’s faces all day so you want them to be as clean and neat as you keep your hair, skin, clothes and shoes. Proper nail care is sometimes overlooked because it seems easy enough for men and women to clip them when they are long and get manicures and pedicures for a professional look.


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