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      VembevPepsi Cola and its range of beverages, carbonated and still, have been distributed by several companies in Trinidad & Tobago over the past decades.

      Caribbean Distribution Partners Ltd. acquired the distribution rights for Pepsi and a selection of its other drinks as at November 1, 2016 for Trinidad and Tobago and for Barbados.

      Vembev is the licensee and distributor in Trinidad and Tobago of the PepsiCo range of beverages – Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP and Ocean Spray. The Company also distributes Peardrax and Cydrax under license, and owns and distributes the JuC and Fizz brands. Vembev also has the distribution rights in Barbados for the aforementioned PepsiCo brands as well as Peardrax and Cydrax.

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