Sales Representative Dry Foods

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      Sales Representative Dry Foods

      Sales Representative Dry Foods

      San Juan or Santa Cruz or El Socorro, North Central, Full time

      Sales Representative Dry Foods Job Description


      Duties of the Employee in the function as a Sales Representative, but are not limited to the following:

      Daily¬† ¬†servicing¬† ¬†all customers¬† ¬†with¬† ¬†the¬† ¬†company’s¬†¬† ¬†entire¬† ¬†line¬† ¬†of products¬† ¬†by¬†¬† developing relationships with key purchasing personnel and decision-makers at various outlets. Ensuring, with the assistance of the driver and merchandizer¬† ¬†our products are well displayed at the point of sale. Selling-in adequate products into each outlet to prevent complete depletion of in-store inventory and shelve stocks.

      Other Duties & Expectations:

      • Must display strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills when interacting with clients
      • Approach each day on the job motivated and driven
      • Maintain and expand client database within the assigned territory
      • Report and provide feedback to management
      • Maintain accurate records of each customer purchases on Tablet provided.
      • Update Tablet to reflect new customers when added
      • Bring in new customers in all territories
      • Sell in new and existing product¬†to current and new customers
      • Evaluate customers‚Äô needs and Build productive long-lasting relationships
      • Must meet targets set by the company as a minimum performance standard.
      • Capacity to succeed in a high-pressure¬† ¬†working environment
      • Expected to possess a high degree of resiliency
      • Effective Merchandizing¬†on each customer visit.

      A qualified candidate must have:

      • At least five years of¬†sales experience.
      • 5 CXC O Levels
      • A working vehicle is mandatory.

      Salary $5000, plus commission.

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