Rituals Coffee House Area Manager Vacancy

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      Rituals Coffee House Area Manager Vacancy

      Rituals Coffee House Area Manager Vacancy

      Rituals Coffee House Area Manager Skills:

      – Must be a quick learner
      – Must be mature and reliable
      – Must possess good interpersonal skills
      • Ability to lead a team-based approach to decision making
      • Ability to manage resources under time constraints.
      • Ability to motivate and inspire others
      • Ability to work a flexible schedule according to seasonal demands

      Generally,  the candidate is responsible for the efficient, effective and profitable operation of the outlet(s). The candidate must also ensure that all company rules, regulations and policies are strictly followed by all members of staff and all-round customer satisfaction.

      Some of the requirements of the position of Rituals Coffee House Area Manager include:

      • Creating an atmosphere in the restaurant that will promote high morale, unity and teamwork amongst employees and with peers.
      • Adherence, compliance and implementation of Company policy of cleanliness, customer service, product quality and product consistency.
      • Implementing policies and ensuring compliance to mechanisms to keep food cost, beverage cost, labour cost and other operational costs (e.g. telephone expenses) within budgeted expectations.
      • Meeting all sales targets.
      • Ensuring that all Company reports and paperwork are submitted in accordance with Company policy, procedures and deadlines.
      • The maintenance of Company standards with respect to employee attire, grooming and personal hygiene.
      • The effective handling and resolution of all customer complaints.
      • The effective control of all Company assets located at the restaurant especially cash and stocks.
      • Ensuring that receiving, storing and stock rotation is done in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
      • Checking dry, cold storage and heating equipment so as to ensure that temperatures are consistent with Company and public health requirements.
      • Meeting, greeting, seating and interacting with customers according to Company specifications and guidelines.
      • Any other related duties assigned to you.

       DEADLINE: July 19, 2019

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