Pharmacist Vacancy NIPDEC

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      Pharmacist Vacancy NIPDEC

      Pharmacist Vacancy NIPDEC

      The National Insurance Property Development Company Limited (NIPDEC) is seeking to recruit a suitably qualified professional for the position of Pharmacist



      To be responsible for the Pharmacy Operations at Central Stores, inclusive of a measure of oversight for receipt and checking of medicines onto floor, storage management of drugs, ensuring adequate supply on hand and dispatching to institutions and other external units as need arises.




      • Supervise the preparation of requisitions for ordering of pharmaceuticals and supervise the inspection of commodities received.
      • Direct the storage and issuance of supplies to ensure compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations.
      • Provide requisite guidance to key personnel as it relates to inventory levels and usage as basis for procurement.
      • Inspect and report on narcotics, antibiotics and other dangerous drugs stocked at Central Stores, and also supervise lower level staff engaged in these duties.
      • Issue requisitions for narcotics and antibiotics
      • Monitor statistical information for the International conventions on Narcotic Drugs and prepare reports on dangerous drugs for submission to International Bodies.
      • Assist in the capacity building and improvement of the handling, tracking and management of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, health facilities and pharmacies.
      • Ensure quality assurance of pharmaceuticals transported from C-40 warehouse to hospitals, health facilities and pharmacies.
      • Assure warehouse quality assurance of the medical supplies received directly from vendors to C-40 warehouse by conducting physical examination  and collection of samples to be sent for laboratory analysis.
      • Report to managers on the compliance of shipments with the specifications and characteristics of pharmaceuticals that meet USAID rules and regulations.
      • Liaise with medical professionals and para-professionals at RHAs and the MOH.
      • Make periodic visits to problem health institutions as the need arises in consultation with Medical Supplies Coordinator.
      • Liaise with key personnel and management team on technical issues related to pharmaceuticals.
      • Assist Medical Supplies Coordinator with the execution of the Pharmacy Tender.
      • Perform any other related duties as necessary. 




      Pharmacist Vacancy Minimum Requirements:


      • Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy.
      • A minimum of two (2) years of experience in pharmaceutical supply chain management and quality assurance.
      • Pharmacist’s licence recognized by the Pharmacy Board of Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Any equivalent combination of qualifications and experience. 


      Pharmacist Vacancy Special Skills and Knowledge:


      • Strong knowledge ofTrinidadand Tobago Health system.
      • Good knowledge of ISO regulations.
      • Good knowledge of QC analysis methodology.
      • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
      • Ability to analyze and solve problems.
      • Ability to make strategic decisions and judgments.
      • Ability to multi-task.
      • Ability to motivate others.
      • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.


      • Standards set in relation to the Department’s business plan, strategic objectives and budgets.
      • NIPDEC’s policies and procedures
      • Established professional standards, industry best practice and statutory requirements.

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