Party Promoter Part-time Vacancy

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      Party Promoter Part-time Vacancy


      Party Promoter Part-time Vacancy

      Party Promoter Part-time Vacancy

      This job requires you to sell tickets and promote events that DJ Kai will be hosting throughout the year.

      We expect of you to be professional and to take the Mashup Empire brand seriously.

      If you are serious, please contact us at

      Genre Soca, Hip Hop, Dancehall
      About DJ Kai
      Professional DJ/Mashup Producer
      Soca Movie –
      For Bookings –
      Shemmy Julian Camps (born June 9th 1992 better known by his stage name DJ Kai, is a Trinidadian DJ, and Mashup Producer.
      He is best Known for his ”Soca Mashups‘ that consists of a compilation of soca music mixed into one track. He is a Disk Jockey on Boom Champions (94.1) on Friday Nights.
      In 2013 he won the Next 99.1FM Dj Competition and was given a 1-year contract.
      October 11th He Won the award for ‘Most Oustanding DJ” of 2019.
      Early Life:

      Shemmy Was born In Trinidad (San Fernando) June 9th 1992. He was always a lover of music. Growing up, his favorite artistes to listen to were Michael Jackson & 50 Cent.
      He was a young inspired rapper and wrote many lyrics on pen and paper at any free time he got. His goals in life around 12 to 15 were to be a famous rapper as that motivated him every-time he looked in the mirror and watched himself sing his rhymes. He went by the stage Name ”D King”
      When he graduated high school, he went on to pursue djing as a hobby and began practicing on virtual dj. He even made remixes at the age of 17 similar to mashups. It was very tough for him as he was neglected a lot because his skills weren’t the best and he admitted that to himself at times.
      Constantly practicing to become better, he eventually did and went with the stage name ”DJRighteous”.
      He went by that name from 2006 to 2012. He chose to change the name as he believed because of the ”Righteous” in the name, it attracted some people to believe he was a gospel dj and not an urban DJ.
      2014 he rebranded himself to DJ Kai. With a Fb fan base of 28k, he is growing consistently with his mashups.
      He has made it his priority to push soca music as much as he can showcasing his talent.
      You can find him on the following social media
      DJ Services
      Mashup Production

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