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Trinidad private school for students to improve fast

All students have the potential to succeed but they do not learn in the same way. While some can keep up in a ‘chalk and talk’ classroom, physically or online, others need lessons that suit their specific learning styles. Study Zone Institute Ltd, a Trinidad private school, helps students who struggle to learn in a traditional setting to improve grades quickly. Sign up here to register.

In a classroom with 30 students, a teacher can give the best presentation ever and only two students may actually learn something. The others may seem to be distracted, disruptive or simply uninterested. Hardly likely this is because the children are incapable of learning.

Most of the time, it’s because they are completely lost and do not want their peers to know, so they would not ask a question. Just like having a preference in food, clothes, music and movies, children have preferred learning styles. At Study Zone Institute Ltd, teachers create lessons that are student-centred to ensure each person learns at his or her own pace. Register with this form.

Schedule and costs

The regular schedule for this Trinidad private school is full time classes at TT$1,200 per month or TT$3,000 for 3 months. These fees cover all subjects from lower to upper primary classes and lower to upper secondary classes.

Due to the pandemic, one-on-one classes are conducted online at $500 per month for 3 days a week. Students get the full experience with lessons as they access the resources at the school via their cameras. They learn at their own pace and are presented with selected techniques that suit them best by their teachers. Sign up for one-on-one lessons.

Reading and writing at Trinidad public schools

The most commonly used learning style at most public schools in Trinidad is read-write. Oftentimes, this is a problem because many students find reading and writing a boring task. Many students claim that reading books make them sleepy and cause them to have very little interest in doing school work. Old-school teachers might advise others, “Well, it’s time to put your foot down and force the students to read because that is the way to learn.” A modern view on teaching is that learning does not have to be tedious and everyone can choose how they want to learn.

Trinidad private school uses all learning styles

Students at the new-age Trinidad private school, Study Zone Institute Ltd, explore different learning styles on the same topics to see which ones suit their needs best. An entire class of students learn the same lesson at the same time using audio, video, flashcards, games, group projects and dramatisations all in one room. Each student discovers his or her strengths, weaknesses and preferences without being forced to do things like everyone else. The most selected learning styles are audio, visual and kinesthetic, these children act excited to do school work and improve drastically.

About Study Zone Institute

The tutors at Study Zone Institute Ltd are university graduates with over 15 years teaching experience. They aim to bridge the gap between struggling students at the primary level and their success at exams at the secondary level at any age. Since the year 2000, students ages 8 to 50 at Study Zone Institute Ltd have been successful in many areas. The school provides an alternative environment to the traditional schools for students who do not perform well in a chalk and talk setting. The success stories are evidence that anything is possible.

Subjects offered

All subjects are offered at the primary school level from Standards One to Five. Students prepare for the Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A.) exam with focus on Language Arts, Creative Writing and Mathematics.

At the secondary school level, the subjects offered are Mathematics, English A, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Caribbean History, Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Office Administration, Electronic Document Preparation Management and Social Studies. Students are prepared for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams.

Also, students can do improvement classes to have basic education in Mathematics and English, Literacy classes, and English as a Second Language.

Private candidates and examinations

Students who attend full time classes at Study Zone Institute Ltd are Private Candidates. These students must register for examination through the Local Registrar in their territory. Furthermore, they will write exams at a respective centre for Private Candidates in their community.

Register now

Personalised learning at Study Zone Institute Ltd means that students can register at any time. Interested persons can call, email or register with this form for preferred courses.

– Call or WhatsApp: 868-766-9003 or 868-782-4808

– Email: contact@studyzoneinstitute.com

– Website: Sign up using the form in this article

Website and social mediaTrinidad private school

Visit the website at studyzoneinstitute.com to see articles for students, teachers and parents. Read about learning styles, types of students, learning environments, autism signs, focus exercises, technology for learning, and parents’ involvement. Join the social media pages for the private school on Facebook and Instagram for updates on services and interactive posts.


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