Are you leaving your job or your boss?

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Why does a great job come with a horrible boss?  Many people ask this question daily because it seems to be trending in companies. Those who are satisfied with their working conditions, salaries, and their actual tasks seem to be disgruntled workers due to receiving poor treatment from management. These employees have one simple request for their employers, “Give us what we deserve!” It seems as though many workers just cannot get the best of both worlds, a satisfactory job with a boss they can love.

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– is a bullyJob

So what if your manager has leverage being in charge of you? His or her job is to manage you with work-related issues. There is no reason for you to be yelled at, spoken to in a condescending manner, or perform the duties of a personal servant to your boss.

– offers criticisms not compliments

Don’t matter how well you have done a job, your boss finds a flaw even when there is none. Unnecessary changes are made to your work to satisfy your boss’ ego and most likely those changes are disapproved by higher authorities.

– does not stand responsibility for his or her negative actions

Nothing annoys you more than a manager who does not take responsibility for his or her actions. After unnecessary changes are made to your work and are disapproved by higher authorities, your manager makes no effort to clarify that it is not your fault. You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because you know if you spotlight your boss’ actions, life will only get harder for you.

takes credit for your hard workJob

You know it is unfair for your boss to take all the credit for your hard work, but you wonder if that is even against company policy and if there is anything you can do about it. Since employees are usually left in the dark about their rights, they are taken advantage of by employers who do some of the most immoral things to them.

contradicts himself/herself on the job

It is extremely difficult to take a manager seriously who sets down uncompromising policies one day and then violates them the next. The worst part is when your manager is confronted about the hypocrisy displayed and then you are informed that those said policies only apply to employees and not employers.

June 2017

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