Dealing with toxic boss

How to deal with a toxic boss

You hate going to work because one person takes pride in making sure that your day is a total mess. You cannot even retaliate because it’s your manager. Each day you feel like the chosen one to be tortured causing you to repeat “I hate my job” like a daily mantra. You think about finding another job even if it means leaving your country just to escape that toxic person.

Guess what? Your superior takes pride in your leaving and pounces on a new victim as soon as you walk out the door. We at Sweet TnT Magazine can offer you some advice that just might make going to work a lot easier.

How do I make going to work something I look forward to?

Reverse psychology is the name of the game. Your toxic boss criticises your work meaninglessly and you feel annoyed. Instead of grumbling, you should commend your manager for the observation made and show enthusiasm to do what was asked.

Yes, this sounds irritating to do because you already loathe this person. But, remember that the sole purpose for putting down your work was to make you feel bad. If you react opposite to the one expected, then your toxic manager’s efforts to hurt you have failed. The more often you show your manager that you are happy to do what you are told the less entertaining it becomes. Let’s face it, you would be making the change whichever way you choose to respond. So, why not try this strategy to put the senseless criticisms to an end.

In another instance, say it’s your birthday and you are excited to leave work to start celebrating. But, you are asked to stay back and do extra duties. Instead of planning the perfect murder of your toxic boss, how about saying, “Thank you, for allowing me this opportunity. I would love to make extra money working overtime.” Again, whether you take our advice or you moan and groan for the rest of the evening, you are still going to do the work. So how about annoying your manager by spoiling the purpose intended when you were given the task.

Yes, being positive is the solution to your ordeal at work. No, it’s not about being a pushover or being a sarcastic pest. Being positive means making the best out of every situation by looking for a positive way to deal with it. Before you make the best out of your job ask yourself if you are being positive, a pushover, or just sarcastic.

December 2016 

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