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Arima drifting – smoke, speed and screech

By Marika Mohammed. Arima is famous for so many things, great customer services, horse racing and now drifting. If you’re thinking fast and the furious, then you’re absolutely right. These guys know how to tear up the road and their tyres. It is definitely what you would expect – smoke, speed and screech. Arima drifting is definitely an adrenaline sport for the strong of heart.

Arima drifting is fun

While on the sidelines one has to be careful of getting some smoke from the tyres, so asthmatics beware, pieces of tyres getting into your face because of the speed. Watch what you’re eating and screeching from the engines; not for the easily spooked. It is quite fun, however, especially for those who get the opportunity to ride with these drivers on the track.

Going more than your legal speed limit, how is that not fun! These guys, unlike the rest of us, are trained in this profession. Yup, they’re the only ones who are capable of drifting without losing control or their lunch.  They know what they’re doing.

Drive responsibly on and off track

To these guys drifting is a responsibility, and thus drives responsibly on and off track. But the real question is what made these guys so involved in the sport? To them it’s relaxing and thrilling all at the same time.

There’s no big money prizes, no NASCAR dealership or perks in Arima drifting, just good old fashion, blood boiling rest and relaxation. Some people find joy in shopping or video gaming but these guys enjoy this unique hobby while gaining driving experience and comradery.

Technique of drifting

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control for the entirety of a corner.

A car is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left, wheels are pointed right or vice versa, also known as opposite lock or counter-steering). 

As a motoring discipline, professional drifting competitions are held worldwide and are judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship and line taken through a corner or set of corners.

October 2014 – Issue 12     www.sweettntmagazine.com

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