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Sweet TnT Magazine is an online magazine based on the positive culture of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a publication of Culturama Publishing Company located in San Juan, Trinidad. The content comes from citizens and visitors who share personal and public experiences in T&T in the categories LifestylePlacesFoodLocal WritingsTech, and Finance. Submissions can be emailed to contact@sweettntmagazine.com.

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  • Joyanne James
  • Jevan Soyer


  • Kielon Hilaire
  • Peter Henry   

Financial Administrator:

  • Patricia James-Wilson


  • Nadia Ali
  • Marc Algernon
  • Marissa Armoogam-Ranghel
  • Ian Boodoo
  • Rachael Cedeno
  • Simone Charles
  • Therese Chung
  • Jamie Gangoo
  • Kielon Hilaire
  • Nerissa Hosein
  • Candida Khan
  • Marika Mohammed
  • Joyce James-Pitman
  • Euline Joseph
  • Vedesh Nath
  • Felesha Parboo
  • Omilla Mungroo
  • Chantelle Wilson-Reece


  • Joanna Hayde
  • Stacey Alfonso-Mills
  • Marsha Gomes-Mc Kie
  • Kent Jacob
  • Andrina James
  • Revon Thomas

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Marabunta – your friend or foe?

When you see a marabunta nest, what do you do? Some people might run, scream, hide, duck, cover their faces, or freeze. One thing you should never do is try to make friends with them. These wasps are busy at work and do not want to be disturbed. Any sign of interruption and they will gang up on you with full force. One marabunta sting may feel like a tiny pinch but these creatures attack as … read more

NGC Sanfest 2016 – Maya wins poetry trophy

Maya Thomas, 11 years old and a talented student of St Xavier’s Private School, won the NGC Sanfest 2016 – Creative Writing – Poetry competition. Her proud father Randy Thomas shares two of her poems with … read more

Doubles man – story

By Marc Algernon. I pushed through the crowd that was growing larger by the minute. I tried to make myself be seen. My stomach ached and my mouth watered as the aroma filled my nostrils. “Gimme one there with slight… read more

Strolling down Princes Town

By Marika Mohammed. Many people don’t know the existence of the little town called Princes Town. The name is originally a result of Prince Albert and Prince George’s visit to the area. They left behind a mark of planting two poui trees which are very much alive to this day. When one thinks about Princes Town, one may imagine it may look rural… read more

Breadfruit anyone?

By Rachael Cedeno. This one is for all those ardent breadfruit lovers out there. Quick question: Did you know that the breadfruit is not indigenous to this region? Back in the 18th century it was actually transported by ships from the Polynesian islands to … read more

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