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Trini Woman, a poetic dedication

Trini Woman By Marc Algernon. 

Where can I go, do you know, for sapodilla brown skin?

Majestic eyes, barefoot smiles, sexy innocent sin

There is this place in the world, that live the most beautiful girls, an island in the sun

Take a chance, come and dance, come and have some fun


I came for a day and in some strange way I haven’t left yet

I took a “wine from behind” I must have lost my mind, we met in a fete

Couldn’t refuse it, trapped by sweet soca music, best dance of my life

Maybe I got carried away, just for that one day but now that woman is my wife


We got married below coconut trees, sweet island breeze, the pastor an old Indian man

Of course there was soca, buss up shot, pumpkin choka, sweet tenor pan

I was hypnotised, by the love in her eyes, the hibiscus in her hair

My dreams came true, by two words “I do!”

Her cheeks wore silver tears

We built a house out of bamboo, what would you do, if your weather was only sun and rain

A wide verandah, overlooking a wide savannah; never need a fan again

I planted coconut and cassava, pumpkin and banana, my favourite… mango

I worked the land with my bear hands, as far as a man’s hands can go


So here I lay in my hammock, on my verandah, smelling the sweet grass of my savannah,

Recounting all the events in between

She made me ochro rice and fish, my favourite dish… a meal for the King and Queen

I tap my feet as I eat, and read my “Sweet TnT Magazine”

August 2014 – Issue 11

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