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When teachers used to run things

By Omilla Mungroo. This is in tribute to the retired teachers of the St Joseph Government Primary School who taught between 1972 and 1978: Mrs P Belmar, Ms Martin, Ms D Punch, Ms M Grenaway, Ms Chase, Ms Peters, Mr Gill, and then principal Mr Martin (deceased).

When school days were indeed happy days:

  • Nobody raised their voices to protest when being disciplined.
  • The only crime was writing on the desks.
  • Not a squeak when you get a strap across your back, perhaps for talking in class or chewing gum or just clowning around.
  • Discipline was a non-issue in schools.
  • Parents parented.
  • Neighbours lived like family and you couldn’t break beech, somebody must see you and tell your parents.
  • Sir or Miss came home to visit once in a while and knew your parents well.
  • No knife attack or fighting.
  • You had to line up in the hot sun and stand straight as a needle.
  • Finger nail inspection every morning.
  • Uniform inspection every morning.
  • You walked to your classrooms in single file.
  • You were taken outside lots of times to recite and memorise times tables and spelling and vocabulary.
  • Shoes were to be clean always, both boys’ and girls’ shoes.
  • Not a protest for any raise in salary.

Yuh think it sorf? All of a sudden teaching get hard!

June 2015 – Issue 16

Nelson Street Girls' RC School, Port of Spain for teachers run things article in Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel,

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