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Talk Nah! – Creole corner short story

Omilla Mungroo. De talk start off in town…

“Well Gary Boy? 2014 started with a bang in Trinidad and Tobago! Way we go do now boy?”

“That was ah understatement boy. Is real talk I hearing all about de place, but…”

With 24 murders on the 12th day of the month it was like a ridiculous tidal wave turned tsunami! I greeted two of my friends early New Year’s morning with a text from my cell phone, “D shot call in 2014! Make sure is Jesus callin’ it!” only to find that the man who shot the pastor – the first murder for the year – beat my “Bodow!”

Which part of sweet T&T can one find peace and comfort and an almost illusive crime free zone? How many times now can I take my son to the park without constantly looking around for some sinister character? Jumbies! That is what the Mighty Shadow would say we’ve become. And look thing! Celebrities are now also targets, since he too has been a victim of crime. So it’s not all about the gangs and guns and drugs anymore. It’s delinquency gone mad!


Who played God in Trinidad and Tobago when God is a Trini, and banned corporal punishment in schools?

American culture and textbooks cannot teach Trinbagonians. Well, most Trinbagonians anyway.

In a country so lavished with oil, (need I throw in a bit on the oil spill? Nah! That is ah whole new ball-game) one would think every single citizen would be happy like pappy, gainfully employed or self-employed. But no, in Trinidad it seems like the “Carrion Crows” here build two or more nests while the little “chicky chongs” trying hard to even find a twig. Big “zandolies” dig several holes, while the young ones settle for being victims of higher crime – victimisation from the old school system. “Who got sent to a junior secondary school instead of the school they really “passed for”? Don’t let me go to social stratification! That is as old as every concrete block cemented in government offices in this country!”

When the shots get called here, we need to know who is calling them.

Like who calls for the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police? Who calls for the prison system, the education system, the health system, to be re-vamped?  And by the way, who called the shot on Miss Dana Seetahal?

“Wrong shot, Uncle! That woman was ah boss!”

“Ent? I hear somebody say bring back de Queen!”

“Where? Here? In sweet T and T? You mad or what?”

“That shot might just be called in 2015, if God Almighty don’t call one before!”

“Chile, when big people talkin’, hush nah!”

“What you say?”

“I eh say nuttin Tantie. Is you talkin all de time! I was jes listenin.”

“Well, talk nah!”

August 2014 – Issue 11

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