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Singer, songwriter/poet on a mission

Tricia S David, singer, songwriter/poet, published her first book “Tuning with God” in January 2013. The book is a compilation of 50 poems and can be purchased online. She received a First Time Author award from the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) the same year.

On Amazon she states, “First I was interested in narrating the Gospel in fiction. Somehow the truth is tied to every word from God. So it came to the point of losing reasoning. Shakespeare was a poet, and so was Mozart. The craft is the author’s tools. God allows him to inherit his fruits. Very often composure is gifted. Trees seldom grow twisted. Read with reasoning and don’t forget understanding. The gift of love is eternal. Love is turned on and is exposed through true light. My prayer is that those who explore these poems learn to dissolve all the compounds and surround them. The mystery of Jesus is grace. These are all found in this very human race.”

Not just a poet

Tricia wrote “When” a Trinidad Folk song at the end of 2013. She became part of the Ministry of Arts and Multi-culturalism’s Mentoring with the Masters programme entitled “Songwriting, Music composition and Arrangement,” mentored by Winsford Devine.

She completed a course at Exit Marketing Studio called “Introduction to The Artiste Industry, 2015”.

Her her songs written and sung fall under three genres:

  • Trinidad Folk songs -“When” and “Like an Ant”
  • Inspirational Folk songs – “My Whole Heart”, “Burden Off”, “Growing with my God”, “Jesus Song”, “Eternal Love”, “Evangelize”, “Every Morning”, “He Died for Me”, “Holy Spirit Hold Me”, “Holy Spirit Come”, “I Have Found My Joy”, and “Singing to Jesus”
  • Inspirational Folk/Rock song – “A Prayer”

See her Facebook page for links to Youtube and Soundcloud.

December 2015 – Issue 19

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