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How to save money on a low income in 2017

Another year begins and you have not even completed your last year’s resolution to save money while making just enough to get you by. This can be very frustrating as you have failed to fulfill a promise that you made to yourself once again. Well it’s a New Year and Sweet TnT Magazine is here to offer you 5 simple ways to save money.

Save money by hiding it from yourself

You will always have something on which to spend your money. As long as you have access to it you will spend it. Once you break that $100 bill just to buy that phone card for “only $25”, consider that $100 bill spent.

Try hiding at least $300 from yourself as soon as you get paid. Hide it in a financial institution with a savings plan that suits you best. Do not try to save money using the account from which you make withdrawals on a regular basis. Start visiting different financial institutions to find out what plans are offered to help you save money. Feel free to buy that phone card after you have achieved this.

Reduce your electricity bill to save money

Bills show us the costs of our lifestyles at home. If you are unable to save money but your bills are way higher than the bills of your neighbours, then consider reducing your electricity bill. You may change your outside bulbs by switching these lights from incandescent ones to more energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL), or better yet LED bulbs. Cool your home differently and not use air conditioning as much. Switch to a more energy efficient heater. Dry your clothes in the sun and not use the dryer as much. Eliminate phantom loads by completely switching off the television, stereos, computers and kitchen appliances. Choose energy efficient appliances. Finally, check your meter against the reading on your electricity bill to ensure that you are not being over charged.

Switch to cheaper brands

You want to cope with a tight budget but you are fixed on using your favourite brands. So what if you grew up using a particular toothpaste, powdered soap, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, body wash, sardine, cereal, or ketchup? Your parents had their own budget to suit their incomes and you should try to make your own. You are not going to die if you use the less popular and cheaper brand. Save money by using brands that you can afford.

Cut back on luxury items

You are unable to save money but you have fine taste. Do you really need on your grocery list those pancakes, cereals, steaks, pastas, air fresheners, and separate detergents to clean your toilet, bathroom, floor, and yard? The single mom uses one bottle of disinfect to do it all!

Spend less on having a good time

After a hard week’s work you need to relax so you visit your favourite bar or club with friends. If you are guilty of spending lavishly when you are out having a good time and you find yourself struggling to pay bills every month, then you really need to rethink your lifestyle. One suggestion is to start hanging out at places with no cover charge and leave home only with the cash you intend to spend (leave the cards home) so your spending is limited by the amount of money you have on you.

You do not have to drastically flip around your life. Small changes can help you stick to your tight budget and allow you to have a comfortable lifestyle.

January 2017

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