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Runaway to Salybia with family

Runaway to Salybia with family By Nerissa Hosein. Every now and then life can get to you – the bills, the jobs, the traffic, the endless pressures of our modern day society. If we don’t take care of ourselves and allow ourselves to breathe, it can really be crippling. So for me and my family, when those times seem too much I like to whisk us away for a few days somewhere peaceful, simple and relaxing. This year my husband and I chose a weekend with the kids at Salybia Nature Resort and Spa. Let me just say, we were not disappointed. This resort, nestled nicely in Salybia, Toco is one of the most peaceful and breath-taking resorts in Trinidad.

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we felt at ease. The staff was pleasant, the food tasty, and the rooms were simple yet well-equipped for my family of four.

Salybia views

Our stay was a short one, but nevertheless we left making a mental note to come back soon. The views offered by Salybia is simply outstanding with full ocean scenery and sea breeze winds encircling the well-kept grounds. I think the biggest hit for us was the absolutely amazing pool.

It was a big hit with the kids as it went all the way around, was not deep and even had a shallow walk-in for my smaller son to bathe comfortably without feeling threatened. It was nicely maintained with a nice quiet area for lounge chairs for those who wanted to relax out of the water.

After spending most of our days at the pool we would dine at the restaurant on the compound and the food was simply elegant. Breakfast was wonderful with dishes such as bake and saltfish and they also had the traditional eggs, toasts and a nice variety of fruits.

Nice beaches at Salybia

There were very accommodating packages for families which included meals so we were well taken care of. Salybia is located not too far from the Toco Light House so it was nice to take a drive on that side and show the kids some of our rich island monuments. The beaches nearby were also nice to take a dip.

Salybia is exactly what the doctor ordered for my family this year.  My kids had the best time and were a bit sad when we had to leave. Honestly, so were my husband and I. But I surely will visit this resort soon again. It was such a welcoming change of pace from the regular bustling life that we all tend to want to run away from every now and then. So next time you need a little break give Salybia a call, you won’t regret it at all!

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