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Now that’s superstitious! – short story

By Kerry Mc Donald. – Superstitious

Amanda: Girl, this year will make it five years now and Ronnie ain’t married to me as yet.

Linda: Amanda, yuh lie. Five years, but what Ronnie waiting on?

Amanda: I really don’t know nah girl. Cock might get teeth and I still waiting.

Linda: Well, we both know cock aint getting no teeth and I positive that my boy Ronnie will marry yuh girl.

Amanda: Linda, yuh know when you come to think about it, Mammy sweep this house and she happened to pass the broom over my feet, so many times, I lose count.

Linda: Yes! That’s it. What we go do girl? We have to pray away this action yuh mother performed. Yuh mother sweep over your foot so much time that she prevented yuh from getting married.

So, my friends, could you attest to the above dialogue?

What superstitious beliefs could you remember?

Does the belief stir up fear, curiosity or disbelief?

Have you ever tried to put any of these beliefs to the test?

What about some good superstitious beliefs?

As Trinbagonians we love a good picong, a good lime, good food and so much good things, but what about some good superstitious beliefs? As you have read above, one of those beliefs did not turn out good for Amanda.

You may have heard some of the same superstitious beliefs for years, recently, or may have never heard about it. Here are some superstitious beliefs that have been around for years:

– If you put your handbag on the floor you will experience prolong financial difficulty.

– Do not sweep over someone’s feet they will never marry (yes, apparently this was to Amanda’s detriment).

– If you see a butterfly in your home, you will see someone you have not seen for a long time.

– If you see a brown grasshopper in your home, someone within the household will get sick

Brown grasshopper superstition.

– If the palm of your left hand scratches you, you will get money. If the palm of your right hand scratches you, you will lose money. I could confirm this belief (smile). However, I have always experienced the reverse result. If my left palm scratches, I lose money. If my right palm scratches I gain money.

– If you arrive home after midnight, walk into the entrance of the door backwards or jumbies will follow you in your home.

– If your left eye jumps, you will receive disturbing news.

– Take off your clothes and leave it outside when coming home from a funeral as this leaves the death/spirit of the dead person outside.

– When you comb or cut your hair, bury the hair by a fig tree as this will promote hair growth.

– If you going home with your baby in the night do not hold the baby on your shoulder as evil spirits will play with the child, which can lead to nightmares. Instead, hold the baby in your arms.

– When your baby passes stool for the first time, the stool should be left in the diaper and thrown on the top of the roof of your home. This is done to prevent illness. In the event your baby is out in the night, if dew falls, the chance of the baby getting sick is impossible.

As for one superstitious belief that has stuck with me for years:

Black eyed peas superstition.

Eat black eyed peas on Old Year’s night. Do not forget to eat your black eyed peas, yes people, eat your black eyed peas. Whether it is a black eyed peas pelau, black eyed peas soup – yes soup, or black eyed peas with rice and the option of meat, eat black eyed peas for prosperity into the new year. Also, ensure your purse has money and you are wearing new clothes.

There you have it. These are some of the many superstitious beliefs that have been with us and will continue to be with us.

February 2015 – Issue 14

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