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Proud to make fudge and toolum

By Annisa Phillip. I was spending some time with my friend and her family one day when her pregnancy cravings kicked in. “I feeling for toolum,” my friend reported.

“Eeww. I never was fond of toolum.”

“Let’s make some nah!”

That statement was replied to with a stare as if to ask, “Are you mad?” My verbal response which followed was that I did not know how to make it. Quite frankly, it is not something I wanted to know how to make. Why should I when I don’t like the thing? Despite my protest my friend insisted that “we” should make it. Well, we are in the technological age so that is where “we” turned for directions. Let me just say for clarification that “we” was really me.

We all know that when it comes to finding information via the internet Google is our one stop shop. So, I learnt to make a local food from the internet. That is actually a bit sad but we will soon get to that. Thankfully for us we had everything we needed. I can’t remember the last time that I actually grated a coconut… with a grater.


“I never was fond of toolum.”

Anyway, so while making toolum for my friend she gets excited and says that “we” should also make fudge and assures me that she has all the necessary ingredients. I, of course made some smart remarks in response. I have seen my grandmother make fudge but was never privy to the entire process.

So again, I turned to Google. The fudge was a great hit, and I had to ignore requests for “me” to make more. I only got a taste of it because when I brought my share home it was practically stolen. The toolum was also pretty good and I surprisingly liked it even though I didn’t before. Nonetheless, it truly is wonderful when people enjoy what you make.

I am very grateful to the Trini cooking website available online that affords us the opportunity to make culinary favourites that we love but either forgot or never knew how to make.

However, it is unfortunate that a stranger’s post on the internet was the way I learnt to make something that was once passed to younger generations from family members.

Google taught me how to make fudge and toolum … I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed.

Either way, I must admit that it was indeed a fun evening and I now know how to make toolum (who still eats that anyway?) and fudge.

October 2015 – Issue 18

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