Local Writings

The Great Julie Mango Battle

Julie Mango tree for Literature in sweet t&t for Sweet TnT Magazine in Trinidad and Tobago

By Jamie Gangoo. It was early one Sunday morning when Joseph, scratching his back and yawning loudly, dragged his feet to the kitchen. He pulled back the curtain to the window overlooking the backyard and peered outside; his usual morning routine. The birds seemed extra cheery that morning as they chased …

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Teaching poetry to teenagers

Speed bump in classroom for disruptive student, distracted student, student, teaching poetry, teenagers, Joyanne James, in sweet t&t, Sweet tnt magazine in Trinidad and Tobago

By Joyanne James. Fifteen minutes have passed and these young men are still arguing over who is the best footballer in the world. For every positive point that Lionel Messi gets, Christiano Renaldo gets two. The atmosphere is heated with debate as these passionate students show enthusiasm to convince their opponents …

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