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Trinbago language for beginners

Mouth open and tory jump out for Trinbago language for beginners in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Company, for news in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with positive how to photography.

By Kielon Hilaire. For times of infinity, numerous languages have been spoken by various ethnicities with the primary aspiration of communicating effectively whenever human heads collide with each other – language of French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese – you get the point. Without the utilisation of these twisted tongues, chaos might have …

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Whop, whap, yuh dead!

Slippers, kill, cockroach, whop whap, yuh dead, light switch, curtain, cockroach on wall Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini,

By Euline Joseph. WHOP! WHAP! Seldom broke the stillness of the night at my house. My brother displayed the true likeness of a mannequin, perched in front of the television set, whether it is a comedy drama, documentary or a “sudsy soap“. But boy! Ah tell yuh, not when dem peculiar …

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