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A day at the Emperor Valley Zoo

By Marissa Armoogam. I took my kids on a very nice family outing to the Emperor Valley Zoo. It had been a long time since my last visit and I decided that a visit to the zoo would be relaxing and entertaining.

I must say when you’re a southerner and you enter Port of Spain sometimes you can feel as though you have entered another country, well, that’s the way I feel! I just love driving around the Queen’s Park Savannah and passing by the beautiful buildings and the Rock Garden.

Greeted by squawking Macaws

We finally arrived at the Emperor Valley Zoo and pulled into the car park, as we exited the car we were greeted by the sounds of the squawking Macaws. I excitedly paid the entry fees and the children and I entered. It was fabulous!

We made our way from each little critters’ enclosure from one to the next and finally made our way around to the new giraffes and lionesses. They were a magnificent sight, I can tell you seeing them on the Discovery channel and up close and personal are two different ends on the pole.

1. Main pic watching otters

Lions roaring loudly at Emperor Valley Zoo

That particular day all the animals were out in their full glory, usually the lions are very mundane or asleep, that day we arrived just in time when they were being fed and were able to witness them roaring loudly and fighting over the leg of a cow that had been fed to them.

Even the Caimans that usually hide amongst the bushes of their enclosures were out and about and entertaining the crowds, some of them were swimming while others were basking in the warm sunshine.

Otter swimming below water level

One of the highlights for me was the otter aquarium and enclosure; I loved the semi-underground tunnel, the experience of having the opportunity to see the otter swimming below the water level was amazing. As we walked through pathways covered with leafy vines there were ample seating areas under canopies and trees and beautifully manicured grounds to enjoy.

Otter at home

Zookeeper and the animals

I was pleasantly surprised at a new experience which the zoo was offering to its patrons which was each day a zookeeper would have a different animal that had been trained and was safe to handle, the zookeeper would have the animal in the open so that the visitors to the zoo would be able to touch and be up close with the animal.

On the day we visited they had a parrot and were allowing visitors to take pictures with the animal.

June 2014 – Issue 10

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