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Daddy, I want a giraffe! – Poem

By Marc Algernon. I went to the zoo and tried not to laugh, when she said, “Daddy, I want a giraffe.”

In her bright yellow boots and her hat and her scarf,

she begged, “Daddy, can I get a giraffe.”

She skipped and she laughed, down the concrete path,

“Daddy, I want a giraffe.”

“Darling I cannot afford, please do the math,

it’s too expensive to buy a giraffe.”

“He would need to be fed, and given a bath,

I would not know where to start, if we had a giraffe”.

Her eyes went red, her lips curled with wrath,

she screamed, “DADDY, I WANT A GIRAFFE!”

As we opened our front door, she squealed with a laugh,

“Mommy look! Daddy bought a giraffe.”

February 2014 – Issue 8

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Whop, whap, yuh dead!

By Euline Joseph. 

WHOP! WHAP! Seldom broke the stillness of the night at my house. My brother displayed the true likeness of a mannequin, perched in front of the television set, whether it is a comedy drama, documentary or a “sudsy soap”. (yuh dead)

But boy! Ah tell yuh, not when dem peculiar pesky parasites come out to play. If yuh see sp…eeed! He would definitely glow on a race track!

His agility didn’t carry him upstairs (like the rest of us). It was a race to the finish line for a shoe or a slipper or anything that would whop whap he victim dead dead!

The pale walls were endorsed with footprints of every size in various angles. At one time my brother found the most appropriate weapon… a paper plate.

Yuh know ah didn’t mind all this whopping and whapping on the floors or on the walls or even on the table! But he used to say, “STAND STILL!”… yeah, he wanted to whop whap we too.

And after all this hair-raising bacchanal and commotion, guess what?

The foreign German or the Creolised Oriental cock-a-roach would make… its escape!!!

October 13 – Issue 6

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