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The Coconut Counting Man – poem

Poem by Marc Algernon.

If you ever go to Mayaro in the dawn of morn

you will see undoubtedly this man of brawn

who climbs these trees with the greatest of ease

to pick this precious nut

whose water provides what no words could describe

with just one simple cut

one by one, he and his son, they load their rusty van

they don’t stop, they load it to the top

he’s the coconut counting man…

when the counting is done, he hugs his son

and starts his long drive to Port of Spain

he whistles a song because the drive is long

even worse it starts to rain

he says, “God washes the nut, wet is better than hot”

in his mind he has a plan

to sell his mountain of gold to those young and old

he’s the coconut counting man…


when he gets to the spot, the sun is blistering hot

at the largest roundabout in the world

The Queen’s Park Savannah, tonight is Panorama,

so much gold to be sold

his blade goes “shwing” and with a few meagre swings,

he cuts a tiny hole

he sticks in a straw, could you want more?

you can even get it cold

his smile grows wide with the feeling inside,

he is as proud as he can

he hums to himself at the growth of his wealth

“I’m the coconut counting man!”


Sure as the air is hot and the water sweet,

he cuts coconut and sells it cheap

he taps his feet to the coconut beat,

he is the coconut counting man…

he is not PNM or UNC

he is not ILP he says, he is he!

that don’t mine he family

and he belongs by the coconut tree

he’s the coconut counting man…

he’s the coconut counting man…

he is the coconut counting man…

December 2013 – Issue 7

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