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Behind De Mountain (As told by Faadah)

Behind De Mountain in memory of my late grandfather.

By Omilla Mungroo. De same day Faadah and Ma come back home from de garden, was de same day ol’ man Kambo come back from de bush with one set ah gouti and lappe. He and Faadah was long time friends so de ol man bring some wild meat for him. Well they was downstairs conversing about dey old time hunting days, when all ah we sit dong on de ground, round de old hammock what patch up patch up, to listen to de yarns.

“It had ah time,” Faadah say, “when me and Boysie did get los’ in de bush behind that mountain. Bwoy? Hai ya yai! Was snake, mapipire zanana, centipede long like my foot! Bwoy? It ent nice to get los’ in dat forest behind dat mountain nuh. It have ting woss dan snake an centipede up dey oui.

“Boysie and me eh ketch ah gouti, not even ah manicou when night fall. Princess look like she pick up ah scent but not ah ting in sight. Dat night we find weself goin round in circles. I tell Boysie, ‘yuh see dis ting, we better pray, because Ma Boysie an my lady eh go be pleased when we come home with no wild meat’.

“Before I look sharp, he disappear. Princess start to wag she tail an was watchin behind my back. So I turn to see if was Boysie. Well bwoy? What I see look like ah man who get los’ in de bush for days. De man hair like ah ol’ throw away mat, an it long long long. But he smellin’ like goat! An was not Boysie!

St James

“…in de bush behind that mountain”

“Well de man watch me like if he ent really watchin me, and arksin me if I have ah cigarette. So I give him de las one I had. He arks for ah light an I light de cigarette for him, yes, because de man makin me feel real uncomfortable. Is when I hear de bush behind me make ah noise, I turn to see Boysie comin. By de time I go to tell Boysie look somebody go help we get outa here, de man disappear same way he come.

“Boysie want to know if I goin mad. He say, ‘pardner take ah five.’ It eh take a full minute we hear de dog an dem like they pen ah gouti. Dat day we ketch ’bout ten gouti, an we find de track out, an reach home quiet, quiet. We never tell ah soul wha happen in dat bush behind de mountain dem two days.”

Ol’ Man Kambo watch Faadah an say, “Ent you know was de Papa Bois you give de cigarette to?” Faadah shake he head an smile.

By de time story done my aunty callin me to go upstairs with she to watch de news, an was only 7 pm.

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