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Angel Hair on a Mango Branch

Angel Hair By Omilla Mungroo. Who say Trinis can’t have a White Christmas?

In the old, old days when sweet T&T was really sweet, we had a piece of “white Christmas” almost every year.

Aunty V would go to the back of my grandmother’s house where a huge doux doux mango tree spread out. It was not my favourite mango but every Christmas it provided us children with something to look forward to – a brand new tree!

Aunty V used to walk with cutlass in hand and chop a nice branch off the tree, clean out most of the leaves and get some white oil paint on it, except for on the few leaves. If nothing else did, the smell of the paint, along with my late grandfather’s three new pigs which he bought to fatten for a kill about the week before December 25, always did. Aunty V’s tree was the highlight for us because we all got the chance to do something to help. For that short time we were never yelled at, pinched or scolded.

white angel hair she called it

Aunty had the most exotic tree decorations – about a dozen small Santa Claus hanging from thread, small candy sticks, stars, bright coloured bulbs, red, green, silver, gold, blue, orange, and she made some decorations by covering match boxes with Christmas gift paper; these looked like miniature gifts hanging from the tree.

When she was finished hanging all the decorations, which was after the paint had dried on the branch, of course, she would wrap a long string of blinking lights around it from the top to the bottom, then the last touch that she liked best – white “angel hair” she called it. “No tree should be without this!” She always smiled, as she covered the entire tree with it.

At nights when she plugged in the blinkers, we thought the tree looked so magical, it seemed we were somewhere in another place and time. It glowed with the blinkers and exuded a snowy look.

Time to pack the presents underneath it! We couldn’t wait!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

December 2015 – Issue 19

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