Ah soucouyant suck meh image by Andrina James for short story by Kerry Mc Donald for Literature, Local Writings, Creole Corner in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine in Trinidad and Tobago
Illustration: Andrina James.

Ah soucouyant suck meh last night

By Kerry Mc Donald. “You know, like a soucouyant suck meh last night,” exclaimed my mother.

“Where girl?” said my cousin.

“On meh leg. Watch how it is, looks dark.”

My cousin looked at my mother in amazement, followed by a grin as though she wanted to just drop on the floor and roll around in bouts of laughter.

The expression on my mother’s horrified face was surreal.

“Michelle, you think this is a joke, like ah soucouyant suck meh last night. I think it is Ms Vera.”

I could not help myself as I wanted to laugh as well. I departed for the bathroom for a good laugh. I then returned to assure my mother along with my cousin, Michelle, that Ms Vera, our neighbour, who was probably in her 80s, was too old to be a soucouyant.

As if our assurance was not enough for my mother, she quickly responded, “Soucouyant nowadays have no regards, so there is no race, age, shape, colour or size, it could even be the dog too,” she said.

At this point when my mother said the dog, I thought that she may have become paranoid.

“Suck Meh Soucouyant”

My mother wanted to get her point across, so she took one of her prized possessions, a music record from her collection of other music records and played Crazy’s (Edwin Ayoung) song, “Suck Meh Soucouyant” so as to send a signal to Ms Vera that she was aware of what she did last night.

I have never seen this ball of fire, but I have heard various stories when I was around the age of six years, about the soucouyant, la diablesse, lagahoo, douen and even the silk cotton tree.

I often wondered if those supernatural beings existed. The mark on my mother’s leg may be proof that the soucouyant and these other beings really do exist.

April 2014 – Issue 9    www.sweettntmagazine.com

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